Result SCI

  • Nearly 65-70%% of the treated patients experienced improvements. 
  • Patients saw average improvements of about 15% in ASIA motor score, and approximately 20% in ASIA pin prick and light touch measurements over a period of one year.
  • Up to 65% of ASIA A patients could recover certain motor functions, increased muscle strength, better stamina during physical exercises, pelvic organs functions and improved bladder control as well as the sensitivity. 


  • Sitting without back support and able to stand with support is experienced by 85% of Patients with upper thoracic injury within 4 months.
  • Better  coordination and walking ability with sensory improvement though motor scores did not improve much was observed  in  90% of patients


  • Getting back sensation (feeling warm or cold sensations/ touch) was reported in 67% overall enhanced strength 65%
  • Improved muscle function and strength, including some ambulation seen in 60% Patients till about 2 years. 
  • Bowel-and-bladder function  improved in  55 % of patients
  • Sexual function– getting back erections was  reported by more than 30% of the patients
  • Spasticity reduction Spasms induced by attempted   movements diminishes significantly in 80% of patients
  • Electrophysiological  measurements suggested improved nerve conduction through the injury site in 62% of patients
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) evaluations indicated increased spinal-cord diameter in 40%

We can say up to 65% of ASIA A patients could recover certain motor functions, increased muscle strength, better stamina during physical exercises, pelvic organs functions and improved bladder control as well as the sensitivity to a certain extent, even though these results are very individual and we have to be very careful and give no promises. We can guarantee the only thing – that cell transfusions will not bring harm as none of our patients have experienced worsening of their state.

So far achieved are very promising

  • *Results are better if the the patient is young, undergoes reasonable rehabiltation and the injury is not more then 1 yr old.
  • *Results were beeter seen   with   intralesional transplantation of stem cells (upto 65 % patients showed improvement) as compared to  only intrathecal/ Intavenous administration (35%).
  • *What can be said beyond doubt procedural safety:  No infection, dural leaks, Neuropathic pain or any Deterioration in neurological status.
  • *It is not a sham surgery/procedure. Spinal cord injury should be taken as terminal disease & the most promising intervention should be offered to such pts. 
  •  *it’s impossible beforehand to give any prognosis and forecasts about the treatment outcomes with precise accuracy as in every case the patient’s dynamics is very individual so the complexity of the spinal cord functioning after injury

Intital Few  Case reports

  • 25-year-old male who had sustained a thoracic  injury 1 yr  before treatment from a car accident. He received 3  stem-cell infusions at one month interval  . After the second treatment, his coordination and walking ability improved. Reportedly, he regained function to the sacral S-1 level.
  • 21-year-old woman with a  T10  8 yrs  before implantation. the patient regained  ankle strength and control, including walking without caliper (only with crutches)
  • 28 yr old post firearm thoracic injury—4 years before implantation-improved significant motor scores along with blader control after  implantationof bone marrow derived stem cells and omentum traspostion .
  • 55yr old cervical spine injury  – 5 yrsold before transplation- had good motor recovery  on day 2 but which did not last much . however he still has flickering movement in toes and better sensory scores
  •  a 25 yr old destitute with bed sores all over -1 yr old thoracic injury – after laminectomy –stem cells were injected –though does not have beeter motor scores but sensory scores improved along with able to sit and stand with support,can crwal. He is trying to take a few steps forward with walker.
  • 28 yr complete injury after one injection had better significant improvement in crawling exercises (speed,stability and duration) walking abilities with walker and support.