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committed for Continuous active research to collaborate with other institutes all over the world in terms of newer methodology\techniques \approaches and to design innovative scientific proven surgical strategy and ultimately translate the best strategy or a combination of therapy to traumatized humans in need and to prove the dictum wrong.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Future projects-

Olfactory Ensheathing cell and Bone marrow stem cell culture facilities
Establishment of Hypothermia unit for treating acute spinal cord injuries

1. Miami Project to Cure Paralysis (Miami University) USA
2. Beatson Institute, Glasgow U.K.
3. Egaz Monis hospital, Portugal – dr Carlos Lima – For Autologous Olfactory mucosa transplant group
4. European spinal cord research institute Brescia , Italy (proff Giorgio brunelli – nerve rerouting surgery)
5. Institute of experimental medicine Czech Republic Prague -(dr Eva Sykova –bone marrow stem cell therapy)
6. Dr Goldsmith (USA), Dr Vogel (Germany) -Omental transposition procedure