Press Release BD 2020


Revita Life Sciences announces successful completion of its Multi-Modality study to Revive Brain Dead patients

Advances to next phase with 50 patients

Reports encouraging results of pilot study; Criteria of irreversibility need to be modified

Rudrapur, uttrakhand India – Revita Life Sciences, ( a biotechnology company focused on translational regenerative therapeutic applications, has announced that it is continuing to advance to next phase the novel, multi-modality clinical intervention in the state of brain death in humans.

“We had proactively continued to advance and succesfully completed our multi-modality protocol, as an extended treatment before extubation in an attempt to reverse the state of brain death” said Mr.Pranjal Agrawal, CEO Revita Life Sciences. “This treatment approach has yielded some very encouraging initial outcome signs, ranging from minor observations on blood pressure changes with response to painful stimuli, to eye opening and finger movements, with corresponding transient to permanent reversal changes in EEG patterns”.

This first exploratory study, entitled “Non-randomized, Open-labelled, Interventional, Single Group, and Proof of Concept Study with Multi-modality Approach in Cases of Brain Death Due to Traumatic Brain Injury Having Diffuse Axonal Injury” is now completed , with very enthusiastic early results which will change the concept of brain death and probably the concept irreversible cell death.

The intervention primarily involves Intrathecal administration of umblical cord stem cells daily along with .. Transcranial laser & magnetic stimulation.

Death is defined as the termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Brain death, the complete and irreversible loss of brain function (including involuntary activity necessary to sustain life) as defined in the 1968 report of the Ad Hoc Committee of the Harvard Medical School, is the legal definition of human death in most countries around the world. Either directly through trauma, or indirectly through secondary disease indications, brain death is the final pathological state that over 60 million people globally transfer through each year.

“We are in process of publishing our initial retrospective results, as well ongoing early results, in a peer reviewed journal. These initial findings will prove invaluable to the future evolution of the program, as well as in progressing the development multi-modality regenerative therapeutics for the full range of the severe disorders of consciousness, including coma, PVS, the minimally conscious state, and a range of other degenerative CNS conditions in humans,” said Dr. Himanshu Bansal chief scientific officer Revita lifesciences and Director Mother cell

With the advent in medical science esp. cell therapy cells previously considered irretrievable can be revived or rejuvenated hence various scientist believe that brain death as presently defined can be resuscitated .While the very long term goal is to find a solution for “infusing life”, the short term purpose of these types of studies is very less dramatic . In fact it is to confirm definition of brain dear still hold good with so many advancements in intensive care and cell biology. There are many anecdotal reports of brain death reversal across the world. This study is to establish this very fact in a scientific and controlled manner. It will also give fair chance to young individuals who are declared brain death especially after trauma

About Revita Life Sciences

Revita Life Sciences is a biotechnology company focused on the development of stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine interventions that target areas of significant unmet medical need. Revita is led by Dr. Himanshu Bansal MS ,who has spent over two decades developing novel MRI based classifications of spinal cord injuries as well as comprehensive treatment protocols with autologous tissues including bone marrow stem cells, Dural nerve grafts, nasal olfactory tissues, and omental transposition.

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