Face Rejuvenation

Platelet rich plasma for bringing freshness Micronized Fat in place of artificial fillers

The face is the center point of a more youthful appearance. Balanced, fresh and alive, the face tends to be the first item addressed in facial cosmetic appearance.

As part of the natural aging process, the skin and muscles of the lower face and neck lose elasticity, resulting in jowls and a poor neck contour.  The deep wrinkles of the skin are most apparent in the forehead, between the eyebrows (glabellas frown lines), at the outer corners of the eyes (“crow’s feet”), and at the junction between the upper lip and cheek (nasolabial folds). If you look closely, finer wrinkles and etching of the skin are seen throughout the face. Often there is a puffiness associated with parts of the aging face, the eyes, the jowls, and of course with many, the double chin

The skin can also age prematurely as a result of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun (called extrinsic ageing or photoaging.

It is true that now that alternative rejuvenation procedures using your own fat and stem cells from blood restore a more youthful appearance and no need of face lift and fillers. Your own fat offers a safe, unique advantage and creates an entirely new approach without any foreign material being injected into the face.

Before Treatment 9 months after  SUBCISION + PRP + STEM CELLS treatment

How it is done

Fat is harvested from the hip, stomach, or other areas of the body where there is sufficient unneeded fat and is re-injected into the brow, cheeks, lips, jaw line, nasolabial folds, and even acne pits, scars, and other areas of the face, and it is used to  smooth out deep lines.

Wherever there is loss of volume in the face, it is possible, with the new fat transplant procedure, to augment the sagging, hollow appearance.

Many a times only platelet rich plasma (growth factors and stem cells of blood)  is sufficient to rejuvenate the skin in young age group.

Injection Points

Forehead :Intradermal injections

Upper eyelid :Subdermal injections

Lower eyelid : Subdermal

Cheeks : Subdermal & intradermal injections

Naso-labial folds :Subdermal & intradermal injections

Lips : Vermillion border injections

Chin :Linear threading

Post Acne Scarring

Undermining scar(Subcision) is always necessary to build a pocket for the stem cells and elevate the scar