Dr. Himanshu Bansal Foundation


Therapeutic use of Mother Cells (Stem Cell) has lead to a revolution in modern medicine with significant positive results worldwide in treatment of many incurable diseases over the last few years. Mother cell is a centre carrying out research, training and clinical applications-protocol development in regenerative medicine, with emphasis on autologous adult Stem & Progenitor cells with regenerative capability to take them to clinical application, while maintaining the highest ethical and scientific values of international standards.

Our motto is to provide surgical, minimum invasive & non surgical, latest & most scientifically proven treatment for spinal cord regeneration along with multidisciplinary rehabilitation to help spinally injured to return to maximum independency.

With the latest knowledge and clinical experience gained across best centers of world, our mission is to Aim for total cure in spinal cord injury and it one of its types in India to offer most super-specialized treatment of spinal cord injuries.

It is a non profit organization committed to provide health care excellence & serve as many as poor people as possible which suffer from such injuries the most
We are also committed for Continuous active research to collaborate with other institutes all over the world  in terms of newer methodology \techniques \approaches and to design innovative scientific proven surgical strategy and ultimately translate the best strategy or a combination of therapy  to traumatized humans in need and to prove the dictum wrong.

Mother Cell and Dr. Himanshu Bansal Foundation do not believe in commercial therapeutic fraudulent use of stem cells for unproven indications.